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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First off if you don't like me, just pretend u like . I'm t here to please you and I won't change for anyone! I'm not going to try to explain myself to you but, here we go...

My name is Amer but, I most people call me Amer Jay. I was born on Junes 9 1993. That makes me 17 years old. I may be young but, I've experienced a lot in my life. I'm single and not looking. I've had my heart broken a time or two but, I'm not going to let that change me. I'm still looking for my Ms.Right. I'm a student in High School and I get very good grades. I graduate in 2010 (this year). After High School I plan on going to College to become a not sure. Then possibly go back to College to open up my own shop. My mom is my best friend in the world. I've been backstabbed so many times. I trust no one except myself and I have my reasons.

In my pocket I always have my ipod, digital camera, cell phone, money and my ic. I never go anywhere without these things. I love music. I listen to it everyday. It keeps me calm and sane. I'll listen to about any kind of music. If it has a beat I'll listen to it. I love taking pictures. I always take pictures of myself. I'm not stuck up! I love texting. I text almost all day. I love : walking, swimming, hunting, fishing, reading, drawing, texting, photography, music, , black, messages, comments, picture comments, editing pictures, and being active.

Questions? Ask!

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